2nd November 2022 Unit 3 Conference Program

9:00am – 9:10am
9:10am – 9:25am
VCAA Overview/Update Erin Wilson, STEM Manager Psychology
9:30am – 10:20am
Workshop 1
10:30am – 11:20am
Workshop 2
11:30am – 12:20pm
Workshop 3
12:20pm – 1:00pm
Q & A Panel

2nd November 2022 Unit 3 Conference Outline

This half day conference aims to assist teachers of VCE Psychology to prepare for the new Unit 3 course of study to be implemented in 2023. Erin Wilson, VCAA STEM MANAGER, Psychology will begin the Conference by providing an overview of the features of the new Study Design (2023-2027).

This will be followed by 3 x 50 minute workshops which have been specifically developed to assist teachers to understand the scope and depth of the Key Knowledge in Unit 3, Areas of Study 1 and 2, assessment requirements for Unit 3 and how to integrate the Key Science Skills with the Key Knowledge. The Presenters will not take questions during their presentations, but teachers will have the opportunity to submit questions throughout the Conference via the Q & A function. These questions will be put to the panel of Presenters in the 40 minute Q & A session at the end of the Conference.

Please note: a 10 minute break has been scheduled after each workshop presentation.

2nd November 2022 Unit 3 Conference Notes

Information from the VCAA Introduction and all three workshops presented at the 2nd November 2022 Unit 3 Conference will be available until February 24th 2023. Details of how to access the Unit 3 Conference Notes will be emailed to registered Unit 3 Conference participants after the Conference.

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Workshop Descriptions

Workshop 1: Unpacking Unit 3, Area of Study 1 & 2
Nicole Haythorpe, Caulfield Grammar School
Feeling overwhelmed when you look at the new Study Design? Can’t work out what has been retained from the previous Study Design, the depth required for new content and what you can adapt or reinvent? In this workshop, we will unpack the Key Knowledge specified for Unit 3 in both Area of Study 1 and Area of Study 2, focusing on what’s new, and in particular, the depth and breadth required for the new content. In addition, we will consider some ideas and resources that may be useful for teaching the new concepts.


Workshop 2: Assessing Unit 3 through SACs
Kate Gallagher, Haileybury College, Brighton
Alisha Muller, Haileybury College, Berwick
This workshop will deliver an overview of the VCAA assessment requirements specified in the 2023-27 Study Design. An explanation of the four specified assessment tasks will be provided, along with details about what is required by students to satisfactorily complete each of these. Ideas of appropriate assessment tasks for each area of study in Unit 3 will be suggested to provide a clear plan of how to tackle assessment next year


Workshop 3: : Integrating the Teaching of Key Skills with Key Knowledge through Learning Activities in preparation for SACs
Kristy Kendall, Toorak College, Mt Eliza
This workshop provides an overview of Key Science Skills specified in the 2023-27 Study Design with particular reference to what is new.
Suggestions about how best to integrate the Key Skills with the Key Knowledge specified in Unit 3 will be addressed. Tasks relevant to learning the Key Science Skills including the use of the Logbook and the Scientific Investigation will also be examined. In this workshop, the nine Scientific Investigation methodologies (identified on p. 14 of the new Study Design) that apply to all of Units 1–4 VCE Psychology will also be examined, with particular emphasis on methodologies new to the 2023-27 Study Design


Q & A Panel
The panel will consist of Erin Wilson, VCAA and the presenters of all three Workshops. Questions can be typed into the Chat Box throughout all presentations. The questions received will be put to the presenters during this session and both the questions and the responses will be available for all participants to view and hear